The more level headed of the duo, his peaceful lifestyle is generally turned upside down whenever Darryl is added to the mixture, often falling victim to one prank or another. Though he is currently working at GAME, he somehow manages to cram in as much time with his DS as he can, often playing Animal Crossing or Nintendogs or an RPG of some sort to pass the time. He is married to Tess and is currently locked in a battle of wits with Simon the Parrot. They have been mortal enemies ever since they first met.

The crazy to counter Adam's normality, this 17 year old is crazy as a plank of wood. He loves acting like a madman and lives to upset Adam's usually balanced life. From setting fire to a KFC restaurant using only a bottle of coke, to dreaming about female game characters having a catfight over him, he prefers to live in his own warped little world as opposed to playing by the rules in the real world. Any free time he has, when he isn't wreaking havoc among the normal folk, he usually spends honing his skills on first person action games or beating homeless people with a rubber pipe. He is the owner of Simon the Parrot and is Chenee's husband.

Simon is a parrot (duh), and became Adam's arch-foe on first sight. He is the meanest of the main characters; his favorite pastimes include logging into his Xbox Live account to trick n00bs with poorly thought-up lies and (much the same as Darryl) doing his utmost to make Adam's life a living hell. At first all he could say was 'evidently', but has since started speaking full English.